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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cynometra cauliflora (Nam-nam)

Cynometra cauliflora (Caesalpiniaeeae), also known as Nam-nam came from eastern Malesia region and grows wild in the forests of Sulawesi Island. Nam-nam is naturally grown in lowland wet. However, this plant prefers habitats that distinction clear season (monsoon), although nam-nam liked the place open full sun intensity, but also somewhat tolerant to shade. This fruit crops, although quite tasty, now endangered. Because nam-nam is not a type of crops that cultivated intensively, this plant is more to a garden crops, forests or crops that made bonsai then put in a pot and become ornamental plants.

Characteristic of the tree:

Shrubs or small trees, reaching 3-15 m tall only. Gnarled trunk, the bark is smooth nodule, brown or gray. Titled rather tight, with a winding twigs zigzag. The wood is dense and pale, but not much use. The tree generally multiplied by seed, although it can be propagated by budding, approach grafting and other methods.

Compound leaves with a pair of leaves, stalks 2-8 mm. Leaflets oval to round eggs tilted asymmetrical, 5.5 to 16.5 x 1.5 to 5.5 cm, almost stem less, such as hides, hanging, lustrous dark green. Young leaves are white or light pink, hanging limp like a handkerchief.

Bouquet of flowers form as small bunches protected by leaves lines that function as flowers guard, can be up 4-5 in the crowded cluster bumps that appear on the trunk, until close to the ground. Small flowers; petals pale pink or white, in a four shares, petals 2-4 mm long crown; crowns lanceolate, white, 5 strands, 3-4 mm long. Stamens unravel, 8-10 strands; pistil stalk about 5-6 mm.

Flowering and fruiting takes place throughout the year, but the main flowering period in Indonesia took place between the months of Agustlls until November. Flowers to bloom development progresses rapidly ie 2-3 days after bud emergence. In each flower stalk, flower buds will appear continuously after the flower buds before blooming perfect then fall.

The Fruits:

Nam-nam is the name of a type of fruit from the tribe of legumes (Leguminosae alias Fabaceae). With a single seed in each fruit. Thick fleshy pods, kidney-shaped, tapered tipped wrinkles, 3-9 x 2-6 x 1-4 cm, suspended in the stem, brown scaly when young, and greenish or yellowish when ripe. Tastes sour when young but turn out to be sour and sweet when ripe older. When the fruit ripe can be consumed directly in fresh.

Scientific classification:
    • Kingdom         : Plantae (Plants)
    • Subkingdom    : Tracheobionta (Vascular Plants)
    • Super Division: Spermatophyta (Produces seeds)
    • Division          : Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
    • Class               : Magnoliopsida (dashed two / dicots)
    • Sub Class       : Rosidae
    • Order             : Fabales
    • Family            : Fabaceae (legumes tribe)
    • Genus             : Cynometra
    • Species            : L. cauliflora Cynometra