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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana) is a fruit native from Southeast Asia, like Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines as well as in South Asia such as Sri Lanka and India and also in South America like Columbia. Originally, Mangosteen is a plant that grows wild in the tropical rain forests, but now the farmers in this region have cultivated Mangosteen.

Nutritional and medicinal per 100 g:

Others :
  • Major exporters               :  Thailand, FOB price between $4 - $6/kg
  • Availability                      :  Sessional
  • Enjoying the fruit        :  Mangosteen fruit can be eaten directly without processing. Simply open the skin, when freshly harvested then you can use your hands to open it because it is relatively gentle. But if it had been harvested a few days the skin will tend to harden and of course you need a knife to open it for easy. Color of Mangosteen flesh is creamy white, the flesh formations is like an orange. For large segment  of flesh  usually containing seeds, the taste of seeds just like it’s pericarp is bitter . So you only get to enjoy the flesh fruit that perfectly sweet.